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2019, no.2. Ismail Kerimov

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Some chronologically disputable facts in the biography of  Bekir Choban-zade

Ismail Kerimov

(SBEIHE RC “Fevzi Yakubov Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University”; 
Crimean Scientific Center of Sh. Marhani Institute of History of AS RT)

Abstract. Well-known Crimean Tatar writer and a turchology scholar, professor Bekir Choban-zade`s (1893–1937) scientific biograpy being developed like monograph, to a great misfortune, because of  a lack of very rare Crimean Tatar arabographic sources,  such as  newspaper  “Vetan Hadimi” (1906-1908), magazines “Eshil Ada”(1920) and “Bilgi” (1921), some facts and datas connected with the time of his entering the primary school, period of study in Karasubazar Rushdie school and in Turkish  “Sultanie” Lyceum are given incorrectly  in works of previous researchers.In this article are  introduced exact  facts which were confirmed by notes and letters of  B. Choban-zade himself, they make the biographical chronology  clear and give objective information on the way of life of this well-known scholar.

Keywords: Crimean Tatar scholars, biography of B. Choban-zade, rare arabographic sources on the Crimean Tatar language

For citation: Kerimov I. A. Some chronologically disputable facts in the biography of  Bekir Choban-zade. Krymskoe istoricheskoe obozrenie=Crimean Historical Review. 2019, no. 2, pp. 155–164.   DOI: 10.22378/kio.2019.2.155-164


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About the author: Ismail Asanovich Kerimov – Dr. Sci. (Philology), Professor, Director of the Scientific Research Institute of the Crimean philology, history and culture of the Crimean ethnos, SBEIHE RC “Fevzi Yakubov Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University ” (295015, Simferopol, Uchebniy lane, 8, Crimea, Russian Federation); Leading Researcher of the Crimean Scientific Center of Sh.Marjani Institute of History of  Tatarstan Academy of Sciences (420111, Kazan, Baturin Str., 7A,  Russian Federation);

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