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The main purpose and objectives of the author`s summary (AS)

 The author`s summary (AS) is a brief summary of   a  larger volume of work that has a scientific character.   The author`s summary can be  published   independently,  in isolation from the  main  text and, therefore, must be understandable without referring to the publication itself.

According  to the AS  of the article, the reader should understand the essence of  the research. By AS, the reader should  determine whether to refer to the full text of the article for more detailed information that interests them.

  The AS to the article is the main source of information in domestic  and foreign information systems  and databases  that  index the journal.

  The AS in Russian is the basis for preparing  the author`s resume  in English, but it should not be  translated verbatim  (calque), and follow the basic  rules and style of the English language.

Structure, content and scope of the author`s  summary (AS)

 The AS should   state the essential  facts of the work, it should not exaggerate or contain  material that is missing  from the  part of the publication.

An  AS,  that repeats  the structure of the article and includes  an introduction, goals and  objectives, methodsresults/discussions,   and conclusions is welcome to the journal.

 The results of the work are described very accurately and   informatively. The main   theoretical and experimental  results, actual data, found  relationships  and patterns are presented. Preference is given to  new results and data of long term value, important discoveries, conclusions, that refute the main  theories, as well as data that,  in the author`s opinion, are of practical importance.

Conclusions can be accompanied by recommendations, estimates, suggestions and  hypothesis, described in the article.

 The information contained in the title of the article should not be repeated in the text of the AS.

 Avoid  unnecessary introductory phrases ( for example, “the author of the article…”)…”)

The text of the AS should  use the significant words from the article. The text of the AS should be laconic and precise, free of secondary information, unnecessary parenthetic words, common and unimportant formulations.

The text  should      use the words “consequently”, ‘moreover”, “for example”, “the benefits of the study”, “as a result”, and so on;), the stated provisions should follow logically  one from the other.  Use an active, not a passive voice, i.e., “The study tested,”  (“It was tested in the study.”).

Keywords (author`s keywords) should reflect the main content of the article. If possible, do not repeat the terms of the title and annotation,  use   terms from the text of the article, as well as   terms that define the subject area of  the research   and include the subject area of research and other important concepts, that will facilitate and expand the search by means   of  the information-retrieval system .

The scope of  annotation is 200–250 words and keywords (6–8 words)

Remember: you are writing for  an  international audience.

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