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Current number (2023, vol. 10, no. 2)

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Original papers

 2023. no 2. Pyotr Avakov  Russian-Turkish Official Contacts in the Azov Sea Region in the Summer of 1699 (to the Prehistory of the Mission of Envoy Extraordinary Yemelyan Ukraintsev). pp. 10-28

 2023. no 2. Refik Kurtseitov  Crimean ASSR as the realized right to self-determination of the Crimean Tatar people in 1921–1945: creation, ethno-cultural, socio-political processes. pp. 78-106

 2023. no 2. Tair Kirimov  Historiography of life and creative work of Ya.N. Baiburtly, a notable Crimean Tatar man of letters and educator. pp. 133-142

 2023. no 2. Ismet Zaatov  Ethno-cultural basis of the process of formation of the Crimean Tatar artistic culture and decorative art (part 4). pp. 143-168

 2023. no 2. Refat Abduzhemilev  Dervish Mehmed bin Mubarek Geray Genghisi. The Chronicle “Tarikh-i Mehmed Geray” (“Mehmed Geray’s History”) (part 4). pp. 181-189

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