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Current number (2023, vol. 10, no. 2)

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Original papers

 2023. no 1. Il’ya Zaytsev  A letter from the Crimean scholar Abdallah b. Ibrahim ’Afif ad-Din-efendi to sheikh Yahya, the custodian of the tomb of Muhya ad-Din Ibn Arabi in Damascus (1630s). c. 10-20

 2023. no 1. Maxim Shalak  The campaign of Muhammad Giray I to Moscow in 1521 in the light of a critical analysis of Russian historical sources. pp. 21-32

 2023. no 1. Ismet Zaatov  Ethno-cultural basis of the process of formation of the Crimean Tatar artistic culture and decorative art (part three). pp. 120-146

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