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2019, no.1

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Original papers

 2019, no.1. Ismail Kerimov  “Assistance is from you, if you do good deeds” (Devoted to the creative work of Habibullah Kerem (1848–1913)), pp.96-109

 2019, no.1. Dmitriy Lomakin  Successful experience of a research on studying of objects of cultural heritage. The review on: Svod pamyatnikov istorii, arkhitektury i kul’tury krymskikh tatar [Arch of monuments of history, architecture and culture of the Crimean Tatars]. Vol. 3: Simferopol’. Belgorod. Konstanta Publ., 2018. 392 p., pp.180-188

 2019, no.1. Refik Kurtseitov  Book Review: Nemenko A.V. Crimea 1941–1944. The reverse side of the war. Separate aspects of the occupation history of the Crimea. Simferopol: OOO Publishing House Dolya, 2018, 420 p., ill., pp.189-196

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