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2022. no 1. Alan Fisher

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The Crimean Tatars

Alan Fisher

Annotation: The given article is a translation from English of the well- known scholar, historian Alan Fisher`s work The Crimean Tatars. He was a professor of State University in Michigan, the USA. He had life -long interest to the history of Ottoman Empire and Turkic peoples. His work The Crimean Tatars was published in 1978 in the USA. The work consists of several chapters:1. The Origins of the Crimean Tatar Khanate. 2. Ottoman Hegemony in the Crimea. 3. The Political system of the Crimean Khanate. 4. Economic and Cultural Life in the khanate. 5. The Crimean Role in Eastern European Politics. The first chapter of the work gives a detailed study of the Origins of the Crimean Tatar Khanate, relations with the neighboring countries: Ottoman Empire, Moscovy, Poland and so on. The author represents an in- depth analyses of each ruling khan, his contribution into coming into being of the Khanate: Sahib Giray, Devlet Giray, Gazi Giray, Selim Giray I In the first chapter the author also offers detailed information about political and economic life of the Khanate.

Keywords: Crimean Tatar Khanate, Crimean Tatars, origin, political system, clans, ruling khan, in the making and development of the state.

For citation: Alan Fisher. The Crimean Tatars. Trans. from English Seytkhali­lova L., Alieva A. Krymskoe istoricheskoe obozrenie=Crimean Historical Review. 2022, vol. 9, no. 1, pp. 58-114. DOI: 10.22378/kio.2022.1.58-114 (In Russian)

About the author: Fisher Alan W. is associate professor of history at Michigan State University, the USA. Professor Fisher has received several grants for study abroad. He was given support by the American Research Institute in 1969 and 1976 as well as the ACLS for research in Turkey during 1976–1977. His work The Crimean Tatars is the first in the series of volumes that examine the history and development of non-Russian nationalities in the Soviet Union. Professor Fisher examines the history of the Crimean Tatars from the mid-fourteenth century to the present, making use of primary source materials in several European languages, including Russian, as well as the Crimean and Turkish languages.

About the translators: Seyitkhalilova Leylya Seyitkhalilovna – senior English language teacher, laboratory assistant researcher of the Crimean Scientific Center, Marjani Institute of History of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences (420111, Baturin Str.,7A, Kazan, Russian Federation);

Alieva Arzy Yusufovna – freelance employee of the Crimean Scientific Center, Marjani Institute of History of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences (420111, Baturin Str., 7A, Kazan, Russian Federation);

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