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The Editorial Board of the “Crimean Historical Review” is strictly responsible for its scientific reputation. The scientific works devoted to the researches in the fields of the history of the peninsula from the ancient times and up to the present days, historical-cultural heritage of the Crimean Tatars and other peoples of the Crimea are published in the journal.

 The Editorial Board of the “Crimean Historical Review” tends to preserve ethic norms adopted by the international community and is ready to prevent any violations of norms, particularly in case of suspicion to the duplication of the article or even plagiarism.

 Duties of the Chief Editor:

- decisions about publications of the article;

- appreciation of the article according to its content despite of race, gender, religion, ethnicity, citizenship and political opinions of the author;

- confidential rights to the submitted manuscript excluding the author, book reviewers, editorial board and a publisher;

- provision of corresponding procedures of article`s review submitted for consideration to the journal;

- to settle the conflicts of the ethic character in the submitted manuscripts.

 Duties of the Reviewers:

- appreciation of the article`s actuality;

- the value of the of the results of the research;

- writing of the objective and reasoning review without private criticism of the author;

- to keep confidential rights, not to use the materials of the manuscript in private interests.

Duties of the Author:

- the guarantee of the originality of the works and absence of plagiarism;

- not to present the previously published articles; presentation of one and the same article in more than one journal is considered as violation of ethics;

- inclusion as a co-author of the persons who made considerable contribution to the research material or expressing gratitude given in the references;

- in case of revealing an error or inaccuracy in your own work, you should immediately send information about it to the chief editor of the journal, in case, the article is already published, to submit immediate refutation.