The Crimean Scientific Center of Sh.Marjani Institute of History of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences

Presents to your attention the scientific periodical “Crimean Historical Review”.

The journal deals with scientific research works devoted to the history of the peninsula from the ancient times and up to the present days, to historical-cultural heritage of the Crimean Tatars and other peoples of the Crimea.

The journal was maintained by the Decision of the Scientific Board of Sh.Marjani Institute of History of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences from April 28, 2014.

The preparation and publication of the Journal is carried out within the framework of the State Program of the Republic of Tatarstan “Preservation of the National Identity of the Tatar People (2020–2024)”

The main goal of the issue is to unify the efforts of the world and native science in decision of actual research problems connected with archeology, source study, history and culture of the Crimea.

Themes of the Journal Consist of the Following Headings

History and the present days
Literature and the language
New issues, recensions, references

The articles of the theoretical, scientific-research characters in Russian (with annotation in English) and in English languages will be taken for the publications.

 2023. no 1. Il’ya Zaytsev  A letter from the Crimean scholar Abdallah b. Ibrahim ’Afif ad-Din-efendi to sheikh Yahya, the custodian of the tomb of Muhya ad-Din Ibn Arabi in Damascus (1630s). c. 10-20

 2023. no 1. Maxim Shalak  The campaign of Muhammad Giray I to Moscow in 1521 in the light of a critical analysis of Russian historical sources. pp. 21-32

 2023. no 1. Ismet Zaatov  Ethno-cultural basis of the process of formation of the Crimean Tatar artistic culture and decorative art (part three). pp. 120-146