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2021. no 2. Ismail Kerimov

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Unknown works of Crimean Tatar writers of the early XX century

Ismail Kerimov
(Sh. Marjani Institute of History of  Tatarstan Academy of Sciences;

SBEEHE RC «F. Yakubov Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University»)

Abstract. For more than a hundred years many works of the classics of Crimean Tatar literature of the early XX century have remained inaccessible to their contemporaries. One of  such authors  is  Abdulhakim Aji Arif oglu  Khilmiy (1884–1962). The article is devoted to the scientific development of the writer of the period 1914-1917. The sources were both:  newspaper and archival materials related to this period. Also involved are  the published works of Khilmiy`s contemporaries. As an example, is cited  a small work by the author of “Revolutionary excitement” (“Inkilyabiy asabiyetler”), published in 1917 and  unknown to modern researches. Transliteration of the text from the Arabic script is accompanied by glossaries of rare Arab-Persian borrowings in the Crimean Tatar language.

Keywords: Crimean Tatar classics of the early XX century, new research and new discoveries of works in the Crimean Tatar language, artistic heritage of A. Khilmiy

For citation: Kerimov I. А. Unknown works  of Crimean Tatar writers of the early XX century.
Krymskoe istoricheskoe obozrenie=Crimean Historical Review. 2021, no. 2, pp. 73–82.  DOI: 10.22378/kio.2021.2.73-82


1. Altayly (A. Khil’miy). «Zyndzhyrly»e khitabe (Bag”chasaray medresesinin” kechmishi ve keledzhegi ve ishindeki bazy k”usurlary ak”k”ynda) [An appeal to  “Zyndjirli”  (about the past and future of the Bakhchisarai  madrasah and some  shortcomings in the work)]. Terjiman [Translator]. 1913. No. 73, March 30; Altayly. K”yrymda darul’muallimin munasebetile [In connection with darülmuallimin (male teacher`s institute) in the Cromea]. Terjiman [Translator]. 1913, April 12; Altayly. Iki medrese. Efendikoy imtikhany munasebetile (K”yrymdaki medreselernin” islyakhi (yslakhy) meselelerine dair) [Two madrasahs. In connection with exam in Efendikoy. With regard to improving problems of Madrasahs in the Crimea]. Terjiman [Translator]. 1913. No. 93, April 25. (In Turkic).

2. Cafer Seydahmet KIrImer. BazI hatIralar [Some memories]. Istanbul: ETAM A. sh. PRINTING FACILITIES. 1993. 329 Pp. (In Turkish).

3. Idareden achyk” mektyupler [Open letter from the governing body]. Terjiman [Translator].1915. No. 30, February 8. (In Turkic).

4. Idareden achyk” mektyupler [Open letter from the governing body]. Terjiman [Translator]. 1915. No. 82, April 12. (In Turkic).

5. Ak”chok”rak”ly O. Zyndzhyrly medrese mushavere medzhlisi [ Advisory council  of Zyndjirli Madrasah]. Terjiman [Translator]. 1916. No. 60, March 15. (In Turkic).

6. Khaberdzhi. I. Lemanovyn Petrograddan Bag”chasaraya denmesi [Lemanov`s return from Petrograd to Bakhchisarai]. Terjiman [Translator]. 1916. 80, April 8. (In Turkic).

7. Altayly. Mukhim bir izakh [One important clarification (comment)]. Terjiman [Translator]. 1916.
No. 92, April 24. (In Turkic).

8. Khaberdzhi. «Kommercheskiy mektep»te musul’mandzha dersler [Muslim lessons at the “Commercial school”]. Terjiman [Translator]. 1916. No. 255, November 30. (In Turkic).

About the author: Kerimov Ismail Asanovich – Dr. Sci. (Philology), Director of the Scientific Research Institute of the Crimean philology, history and culture  of the Crimean ethnos, SBEEHE RC “F. Yakubov  Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University” (295015, Simferopol, Uchebnyy lane, 8, Russian Federation); Leaading Researcher of the Crimean Scientific Center of Sh. Marjani Institute of History of Tatarstan Academy of Sciences (420111, Kazan, Baturin str.,7A, Russian Federation;

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