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2020. no 1. Ismail Kerimov

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Our “Emel” (“Aspiration”) (1930–1940)

Ismail Kerimov
(Sh. Marjani Institute of History of Tatarstan Academy of Sciences; SBEEHE RC «F. Yakubov Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical

Abstract. One of the most respected journals in the Crimean Tatar language, in 1930s was “Emel” (“Aspiration”), which was published in Pazarchik (Romania) from the 1st of January of 1930s up to the 1940s. “Emel“ was arabographic up to the end of the 1930s, and only the last issues were published in Latin. Totally there were published 154 issues. The style of the journal in logotype was shown like this: “Scientific, literary, public and economical journal. Published once in 15 days”. Chief editor of the journal was popular Crimean Tatar writer, publicist and public figure Mistergip Fazil (Ulkusal). Different problems of the language, literature, culture and public life were highlighted regularly and published in the journal. At the same time there were given critical articles, reviews on the results of the scientific conferences of 1927, 1929, 1934 and discussions of Crimean Tatar literary language materials. A very big amount of literary material was published and discussed there: fiction literature, poetry, drama. Lots of articles were devoted to Stalin` s policy in the USSR. Real reasons of repressions against kulaks (wealthy citizens of the USSR) were presented and analyzed, severe repressions against Crimean Tatar specialists: scholars, writers and teachers of the Crimea were highlighted on the pages of the journal. The given article also analyzes the content of the journal connected with the Crimean Tatar diaspora in Romania. The attribution of some pseudonyms and abbreviations are given as well.

Keywords: Crimean Tatar periodicals, arabographic journal “Emel”, Crimean Tatar poets and writers of 1930s, folklore, problems of coming into being and development of the Crimean Tatar literary language

For citation: Kerimov I. А. Our “Emel” (“Aspiration”) (1930–1940). Krymskoe istoricheskoe obozrenie=Crimean Historical Review. 2020, no. 1, pp. 136–150. DOI: 10.22378/kio.2020.1.136-150


1. Halid U. Ilk sӧz [First few words]. Emel [Inspiration]. 1930. No 1.

2. Unsal Aqtaş. Bazı soyadların aҫıqlamaları [Attribution of some authors] Bahҁesaray (Istanbul). 2010. No 63–64.

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4. Noğaylar [Nogays’] . Emel [Inspiration]. 1933. No 8.

5. Bir kereden 48 vagon [48 cars at once]. Emel [Inspiration]. 1930. No 11.

6. Seydamet C. Qırımda aҫlıq [The famine in the Crimea]. Emel [Inspiration]. 1931. No 9.

7. Soysal Z. Leh arhivlerinde Qırım ile bağlı vesiqalar. Murad Geray Sultan bin Mubarek Geray Sultannıň mektübü [A letter from Mubarek Sultan Giray]. Emel [Inspiration]. 1930. No 19.

8. Soysal Z. Yan Kazimir devrine ait vesiqalar [Documents related to the era of Jan Casimir]. Warszawa.1939. 104 p.

About the author: Kerimov Ismail Asanovich – Dr. of Sci. (Philology), Professor, Director of the Scientific Research Institute of the Crimean philology, history and culture of the Crimean ethnos, SBEEHE RC “F. Yakubov Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University”; Leading Researcher of the Crimean Scientific Center of Sh. Marjani Institute of History of Tatarstan Academy of Sciences  (420111, Kazan, Baturin St.,7A, Russian Federation);

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